This joint report is a brief summary of some of the major developments in federal policy and practice as they impact on immigrant and refugee women... more
Established in 1976, AWIC has a long history of serving newcomers, primarily the South Asian Community in and around North York, Ontario, Canada.... more
Designating and celebrating the Feast of Pentecost as a Multicultural Sunday allows the Anglican Diocese of Toronto to embody a vision to recognize... more
Blog of the Centre for Faith and Public Life
 From their website: The Centre for Faith and Public Life is located in Ottawa, Ontario, only blocks from Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court of... more
 That All May Be One: A Resource for Educating toward Racial JusticeEditor: Wenh-In Ng2004: United Church Publishing HouseThis handbook provides... more
“Naming Racism: Speaking Truth to Power”Making Waves, Volume 4:2; 2004: Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada . TorontoA hands-on resource for... more
Resources for Immigrant-Serving Organizations to Understand and Fight Racism in Canada." The inventory is prepared in collaboration with John Samuel... more
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