By Warred Bird in collaboration with a Canadian research team
Canadian Megachurch ProjectTerms like megachurch, church growth, multiple services, and congregations with lots of young families bring to mind... more
By Mark Chapman and James Watson
The Greater Toronto Area remains the major immigrant destination centre in Canada. New Canadians are welcomed but not necessarily well integrated... more
By Tyndale Intercultural Ministries
   The Finding Our Way resource is a practical, interdenominational Guide To Action for congregational... more
By Bruce Stokes and Rhonda Stewart
By Tyndale Intercultural Ministries
The Finding Our Way resource is a practical, interdenominational Guide To Action for congregational leaders in Canada... more
By Mark Chapman
Syrian refugees are in the news but Canadian churches have been developing relationships with immigrants since immigrants first arrived on the shores... more
by James Watson and Mark Chapman
How Churches are Ministering to ImmigrantsThe Bible is pretty clear about the church’s responsibility to “strangers.” Recent research in Toronto... more
by Sam Reimer, Mark Chapman, Rich Janzen, James Watson, and Michael Wilkinson
Abstract:Canada receives roughly 250,000 immigrants each year, and the government spends considerable resources on assisting them to settle and... more
by Rich Janzen, Alethea Stobbe, Mark Chapman, and James Watson
Abstract:This article discusses the role of Canadian Christian churches in immigrant settlement and integration and discusses implications for the... more
by Rich Janzen, Mark D. Chapman,and James W. Watson
Abstract:In just one generation the cultural face of Canadian society has been transformed. The relative level of immigration has increased rapidly... more


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