New Immigrant Services

Welcome to Canada!

Canada welcomes thousands of new immigrants every year. Many of them come to the Greater Toronto Area (the GTA). Each of the links below will connect you with resources in your community and with National or Provincial resources. To find help connecting with others from your country of origin you can try looking at the Cultural Profiles Page.


New Immigrant Services in Canada


Newcomer Services Provided by the Canadian Government

The Government of Canada sponsors a number of sites to help immigrants and refugees.

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Newcomer Services Provided by Ontario Province

The provincial governments provide great information on their sites.           

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International Services and Agencies

There are a number of international organizations that are dedicated to assist and advocate for refugees and international migrants.     

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Newcomer Services Provided by the City of Toronto

The City of Toronto website has a Immigration Portal for immigrants planning to settle in the city.

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Newcomer Services Provided by the City of Toronto

For other areas in the GTA click on one of the regions on the map to find more resources for each of the communities in that region. City of TorontoHalton RegionPeel RegionYork RegionDurham Region